Do any of these sound familiar?

Absolutely no idea where your cash is going…

Feel like you’re gradually losing control of your money…

Feel a little bit sick when you think about doing your budget and trying to sort your money life…

Looking for a magic wand that will sort all of it quickly and easily…

It can be really overwhelming when your money is a mess and you have no time and no idea where to start with sorting it out.

Being brave and facing this mess is the first step.

Having a step by step money management system that is easy to use is the second.




This Simple Budget Planner Pack can really help you get control over your budget.

It may even cause you to love budgeting ūüôā¬†


  • 3 Simple & Powerful Financial Planners
  • Over 41 Templates + 9 Page Workbook + Mini Ebook!
  • Gentle Ink Design to Save on Printer Ink
  • PDF Printables You Can Reprint If You Mess Up

It’s a quick and easy solution to your money woes.

You don’t need to be a math wizard or financial genius either.

 (Yeah, really!)


3  x Super Simple Budgeting Planners 

My Simple Budget PlannerMy Simple Financial PlannerMy Simple Retirement Planner

Covering absolutely everything you will need to make a successful budget that works!

  • Budget Planner (Beginners)
  • Financial Planner (General Budgeters)
  • Retirement Planner (Advanced Financial Planner)

Let me help you get on top of your budget quickly and easily.

In the Simple Budget Planner I will walk you through creating my super simple secret budget process that is so easy to use and maintain.

Use the Simple Financial Planner to run your day to day budget smoothly and headache free. My Simple Financial Planner is the BEST SELLER in my Etsy store.

Look after future you with a super Simple Retirement Planner that takes you by the hand and helps you calculate exactly how much to budget for your perfect retirement (so you don’t end up eating cat food lol!)




::   Simple Front Cover
::   9 Page Budget Workbook
::   Daily Budget Planner
::   Weekly Budget Planner
::   Monthly Budget Planner
::   Monthly Spending Log
::   Weekly Spend Log
::   Net Worth Template РMonitor Overall Wealth
::   Monthly Review Template РTrack 8 Critical Areas
::   30 Day No Spend Challenge X 6
::   6 Blank No Spend Challenges
::   26 Ideas to Save Money
::   26 Ideas to Make Money

Designed with beginners in mind.

A workbook taking you through step by step exactly how to calculate your expenses to help you effortlessly track and save your money.

Templates are also great for more seasoned budgeters too ūüôā




:: Front Cover
:: Credit Card Details
:: Bank Account Details
:: Password Keeper
:: To Do List
:: Blank Financial Calendar (Portrait & Landscape)
:: Financial Habit Tracker
:: Spending Log
:: Debt Payment Schedule
:: Monthly Bills
:: Direct Debit Tracker
:: Monthly Income
:: Savings Tracker
:: $1,000 Emergency Fund Challenge
:: Emergency Fund Tracker
:: Simple Monthly Budget (+ blank one)
:: Daily Budget

Bonus: Mini Ebook to take you through each of the templates and how to use them!

This is a financial planner workhorse designed to help you manage your money every day with ease.

Use the spending log to identify your budget leaks and use the fun emergency fund challenge to save your first $1,000!




:: Front Cover
:: Retirement Checklist
:: Retirement Goal Planner
:: Retirement Bucket List
:: Retirement Planner Worksheets
:: How to Input into your Budget
:: Simple Monthly Budget (With Categories)
:: Simple Monthly Budget (Blank)
:: Retirement Financial Plan
:: Retirement Account Fees Analysis
:: Retirement Fund Tracker
:: Retirement Snapshot
:: Other Retirement Considerations

My Simple Retirement Planner is a workbook format with a checklist to follow and templates to fill in.

I’ve designed this planner to¬†simplify a complicated and overwhelming topic¬†into a manageable format. I studied retirement planning at university and found this the best way to plan for myself.

By taking a few hours out of your week and complete this¬†could potentially give you $1000’s extra¬†in retirement simply because you took¬†action.

It’s worth the price of the bundle on it’s own! – Very unique product, only one of its type on the internet!


**These templates are not designed to replace or provide financial advice. The content is general in nature, so always see a professional to get personal advice on your situation (just in case)!

Hi I’m Beth

When I was at Uni doing my Finance degree, I noticed there were very few women in the classes. This worried me greatly.

Women didn’t seem interested in learning about Finance and how it can improve their wealth. It seems it was being left to the men to do.

I decided I would use my knowledge to help women take an interest in their financial well being, and achieve independence.

These budget planners are the first step towards doing this.

I use these planners to organise and plan my financial life and I hope they can help you too.

Once you have your finances in order, the worried voice in your head will quieten and you will really feel proud of yourself for sorting this out.

I want you to be in control of your budget and finances. I know you can do this!

What you will get in the bundle

Included in the bundle are 3 Individual Budgeting PDF Packs

All are US Letter size and you’ll need Adobe Reader to view and print the PDF files. (It’s free to download)

Once you have downloaded the file you can print on demand and use as many copies as you need.

Then you fill in your numbers in the boxes provided and try to improve each time.

It’s really that simple and straightforward.

The  Simple Budget Planner Pack

**These templates are not designed to replace or provide financial advice. The content is general in nature, so always see a professional to get personal advice on your situation (just in case)!

Disclaimer: Bethany Holt provides this Simple Budget Planner Pack purely for informational purposes. It is not intended to be financial advice.

We always suggest you seek professional qualified advice when it comes to your finances (just in case)

Refund: As this is a digital product unfortunately refunds can’t be give for change of mind. Refunds are only offered as far as Consumer Law legislates.

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