Disclosure Policy

Who am I?

Bethanyholt.com is a financial services business that publishes financial education via newsletters, emails and websites.

I am an Australian business focused on empowering women financially in the hope I can help women take control of their financial destiny.

Financial Disclosure

While I hold a degree in Financial Planning, I am not currently registered or qualified to give financial advice and it is actually illegal for me to do so without a license or operating under a licensee.

Therefore, all the information you see on this website is purely for your own education and empowerment and does not constitute personal financial advice of any kind. It has been designed to be general in nature and is my own personal (not professional) opinion.

Before acting on any financial information, you need to think carefully as to whether it suits your particular personal situation and you should always see a registered licensed professional adviser when making changes to your personal financial situation (just in case).

Comment Policy

This is a place for lifting each other up and inspiring each other to be better than we were before therefore, negativity and harsh criticisms have no place here.

We are in this together and while I appreciate we are all battling different demons in our lives and come from varying backgrounds, I simply ask that we communicate our ideas with respect for one another.

If you can’t abide by these guidelines then I ask that you go elsewhere, as I really treasure the beautiful community we have and I don’t want people to experience drama and harassment when they are visiting my website.

Disclosure Policy 

According to the provisions of the Australian Consumer Law, failure to make full disclosure of any paid endorsements is usually conduct that falls within the definitions of misleading and deceptive.

Therefore I need to make you aware of how sponsorship and endorsement work on my blog here at BethanyHolt.com:

  • As this blog is a source of income for me it may be used to promote products, services or other businesses.
  • I will always promote goods / services I have used myself and absolutely love and can genuinely see other people liking too.
  • Even if I am provided with a product free of charge, this doesn’t mean they will automatically get a positive review from me.
  • My aim is to build trust with you! I consider you like I do my dear friends and wouldn’t put you in a situation that could cause you any unhappiness. I stand for transparency and fairness and would never compromise my values for a quick buck. Ever.
  • Where possible I will disclose my association with any affiliate program however, it’s not always possible to do this in every reference of the product. If you are unsure whether a relationship exists please bring it to my attention so I can clarify this for you.

I hold myself to extremely high standards and strive to deliver helpful and encouraging content, while generating an income to support my family and to compensate myself for the time spend researching and developing this content for you.

I am extremely appreciative you take the time out of your day to read my content and hope it helps you achieve your financial goals in some small way. It is my goal to be upfront and honest with the posts I write for you.

Amazon Disclosure

Bethany Holt is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. http://sumo.ly/JY5N


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